We have been dealing with communication and public relations for over twenty years. We help small and medium-sized businesses to grow and promote their brand and reputation. Our team lists quite a few talents, each with specific skills and professional qualifications; some take the field to conceive the most striking communication strategies, others have the ability to communicate with the media, some create and implement graphic and web projects, and others guide customers to international markets, organizing their presence at trade shows and/or events in other countries. Our main working areas range from consumer goods to technology, from healthcare to food, from energy to professional services.



To further enhance the uniqueness of the brands that turn to us, we develop the most suitable communication strategies, and implement them through the most effective measures for achieving the goals
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translations Theresa

We offer professional translation services in the most common language combinations, for multiple subjects
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expert advices Nath

We provide efficient support regarding events and fairs, professional classification in the art, music and entertainment sectors
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For operational needs, optimizing methods, time and costs, some of our services provided also online. Ask for a free quotation!

online services

OUR CLIENTS | AKC Italia | Anter | Arpleg | Arti Group – Bavaria Industries AG | Avi –Associazione Vegetariana Italiana | Bi-Medica – Silhouette Lift | Blu Service | Caffè Pellini | Cantieri Sangermani | Consorzio Sao Café | C.A. Rossi Editore | Celly | Fruit of the Loom | Gardestetica Group | Hoyer | L’aura | Ministero dell’Ambiente | Missioneimmobile.it | Oasi di Galbusera Bianca | OnegearPro | Policlinico Centrodent | Policlinico Rident | Profonweb | Ras | Recordati | Slow Wood | Società di Medicina Naturale | Sogema DLogistics | Sola Sunlens | Superga | Yamagiwa Lighting | Youchef.tv

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